RicraC - Gulliver

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RicraC - Gulliver

Pattern from RicraC to make Gulliver the crocodile.

Part of the RicraC beginner pattern series of soft toys - heaps of diagrams and lots of tips so you can learn the skills to take you off on all sorts of soft toy making adventures.

Finished size approx. 18cm x 69cm.


  • 43cm of 100% cotton fabric (110cm wide) for body
  • 15cm x 41cm of 100% cotton fabric for legs
  • 13cm x 10cm of felt for hat
  • 5cm x 41cm of felt for spikes
  • 4 5mm buttons for eyes
  • 4 20mm four hole buttons for legs
  • Doll needle (extra large need for button joints)
  • Six strand embroidery thread in black
  • A few pom poms
  • 50cm narrow ribbon
  • Fill (stuffing)


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