Sample Service


Sample Service

Looking for a sample to check the colour or fabric weight? You've found the right place! Add this product to your shopping cart and then specify in the comments box during checkout which fabric/s you are looking for a sample of. A total limit of six fabrics applies (i.e. do not add more than one of this product to get more than six samples). Each sample will be approx 1cm x 10cm, so if you're looking for a sample of the print design you are best to order the minimum cut of that fabric. We aren't able to cut samples of fabrics that are low in stock or on clearance.

If this is all you are ordering today your total will come to $5.00 ($1.50 + $3.50 postage will be added in the checkout).

If you're looking for a sample of the 100% wool felt colours available click here.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no guarantee that the fabric will still be stock once you receive your sample, so bear this in mind, especially if there is low stock of a fabric. Generally most fabrics can be reordered - contact us to find out if you are going to be requiring a large quantity.

Repeated ordering of samples without subsequent purchase of fabric will not be accepted.