Succulents - Border Print in Blue


Succulents - Border Print in Blue

Collection: Succulents by Heather Givans of Crimson Tate for Windham Fabrics

Print Size: This is a border print. The design is printed on ONE border and the remainder of the fabric is small spot (the largest of these dots are 2mm wide). Therefore this fabric is only available off the bolt (not by the fat quarter). The tallest pot and plant in the border print is 11.2cm tall

Fabric content: 100% light/quilting weight cotton

Fabric width: 110cm (44")


Also available from the Succulents collection (please note these images are not to the same scale):



Price off the bolt (per metre): $25 (please select "Off the bolt" from the drop down box below then enter your required quantity in CENTIMETRES - e.g. for 1 metre enter 100, or for 46cm enter 46). The minimum cut is 20cm.


Please note: there is 85cm of this fabric left in stock + fat quarters are available

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  • Succulents - Border Print in Blue